Object » OrderItem

An order item is a single line item of an order that registers the bill for a product


cityTaxCents (Int)

cityTaxRate (Decimal)

countyTaxCents (Int)

countyTaxRate (Decimal)

couponDiscount (Price)

DEPRECATED: Please use `itemDiscountWithOrderDiscountCents` 

credited (Boolean)

creditedQuantity (Decimal)

date (Date)

declined (Boolean)

department (Department)

discount (Price)

DEPRECATED: Please use `totalDiscountCents` instead 

discountAmount (Decimal)

discounted (Boolean)

dispenseFee (Decimal)

fulfilledExternally (Boolean)

hidden (Boolean)

historicalId (String)

id (ID)

inPackage (Boolean)

insertedAt (NaiveDateTime)

isPackage (Boolean)

isSecretlyIncluded (Boolean)

isTaxed (Boolean)

DEPRECATED: This field is deprecated and will only ever return an order item's `is_taxed_other`. OrderItems now have various tax rate fields you may want to read. Please update your queries to pull from `isTaxedOther`, `isTaxedCity`, `isTaxedState`, and `isTaxedCounty`.  

isTaxedCity (Boolean)

isTaxedCounty (Boolean)

isTaxedOther (Boolean)

isTaxedState (Boolean)

itemDiscountWithOrderDiscountCents (Int)

itemDiscountWithoutOrderDiscountCents (Int)

lineDiscount (Decimal)

DEPRECATED: Please use `itemDiscountWithoutOrderDiscountCents` 

lineDiscountReason (String)

lineDiscountType (DiscountType)

lotNumber (String)

memberDiscount (Price)

DEPRECATED: Please sum `planDiscountCents` and `memberDiscountCents` 

memberDiscountCents (Int)

minimumPrice (Decimal)

name (String)

notRendered (Boolean)

order (Order)

orderDiscountCents (Int)

otherTaxCents (Int)

otherTaxRate (Decimal)

package (ProductPackage)

patient (Patient)

percentDiscounted (Decimal)

planDiscountCents (Int)

position (Int)

priceIncluded (Boolean)

product (Product)

productId (ID)

provider (Provider)

quantity (Decimal)

quantityCredited (Decimal)

quantityNotRendered (Decimal)

quantityRemaining (Decimal)

refunded (Boolean)

refundedAt (NaiveDateTime)

refundedQuantity (Decimal)

returned (Boolean)

returnedOrderItems ([ReturnedOrderItem])

returnedQuantity (Decimal)

sourceOrderItemId (ID)

stateTaxCents (Int)

stateTaxRate (Decimal)

subtotal (Price)

DEPRECATED: Please use `subtotalCents` 

subtotalCents (Int)

tax (Price)

DEPRECATED: Please sum all `*TaxCents` 

total (Price)

DEPRECATED: Please use `totalBeforeTaxCents` 

totalAfterTaxCents (Int)

totalBeforeTaxCents (Int)

totalDiscountCents (Int)

totalPrice (Decimal)+

DEPRECATED: Please use `totalBeforeTaxCents`, or for without discount use `subtotalCents` 

undeletable (Boolean)

unitPrice (Decimal)

updatedAt (NaiveDateTime)

volumeTiers ([PriceTier])