Object » OrderItem

An order item is a single line item of an order that registers the bill for a product


couponDiscount  (Price)

credited  (Boolean)

creditedQuantity  (Decimal)

date  (Date)

declined  (Boolean)

discount  (Price)

discountAmount  (Decimal)

discounted  (Boolean)

dispenseFee  (Decimal)

fulfilledExternally  (Boolean)

hidden  (Boolean)

id  (ID)

inPackage  (Boolean)

insertedAt  (NaiveDateTime)

isPackage  (Boolean)

isTaxed  (Boolean)

lineDiscount  (Decimal)

lineDiscountType  (DiscountType)

lotNumber  (String)

memberDiscount  (Price)

minimumPrice  (Decimal)

name  (String)

notRendered  (Boolean)

order  (Order)

package  (ProductPackage)

patient  (Patient)

percentDiscounted  (Decimal)

position  (Int)

priceIncluded  (Boolean)

product  (Product)

productId  (ID)

provider  (Provider)

quantity  (Decimal)

refunded  (Boolean)

refundedAt  (NaiveDateTime)

refundedQuantity  (Decimal)

returned  (Boolean)

returnedQuantity  (Decimal)

subtotal  (Price)

tax  (Price)

total  (Price)

totalPrice  (Decimal)

unitPrice  (Decimal)

updatedAt  (NaiveDateTime)

volumeTiers  ([PriceTier])