Object » Appointment

An appointment


admittedAt (DateTime)

arrivalTimeAt (DateTime)

bookedOnline (Boolean)

cage (Cage)

checkInLink (String)

checkedInAt (DateTime)

checkedOutAt (DateTime)

checkingOutAt (DateTime)

comments ([Comment!])

completedAt (DateTime)

confirmedAt (DateTime)

contagionRisk (Boolean)

creator (Provider)

deleted (Boolean)

deletedBy (Provider)

deletionReason (String)

department (Department)

departmentId (ID)

duration (Int)

Duration of the appointment (in minutes)

encounters ([Encounter])

historicalId (String)

id (ID)

insertedAt (NaiveDateTime)

isConfirmed (Boolean)

location (Location)

note (String)

npsScore (Int)

patient (Patient)

patientId (ID)

pickupTime (DateTime)

provider (Provider)

providerId (ID)

readyAt (DateTime)

reason (String)

Reason for the appointment

repeatingEvent (RepeatingEvent)

reviewed (Boolean)

room (String)

schedule (LocationSchedule)

scheduleId (ID)

selfCheckInSent (Boolean)

selfCheckedIn (Boolean)

sentPickup (Boolean)

start (DateTime)

Date and time of the start of the appointment

startedAt (DateTime)

teleSessionCreated (Boolean)

updatedAt (NaiveDateTime)

vitals (Vitals)

waitedAt (DateTime)