Object » Medication

A medication


creator (Provider)

Provider who created the medication

declined (Boolean)

dispensed (Decimal)

dose (String)

encounter (Encounter)

(optional) Encounter the medication was prescribed during if applicable

frequency (String)

fulfillmentSource (FulfillmentSource)

historical (Boolean)

id (ID)

insertedAt (NaiveDateTime)

isExternal (Boolean)

labelPdf (String)+

location (Location)

locationId (ID)

lotNumber (String)

The prescription's lot number

name (String)

Detailed name of the medication prescribed

note (String)

Additional information about the prescription

orderItem (OrderItem)

packageItem (ProductPackageItem)

patient (Patient)

Patient whom is taking the medication

pdf (String)+

prescriber (Provider)

Provider who prescribed the medication

product (Product)

productId (ID)

quantity (Decimal)

The amount of the medication

quantityUnit (String)

refillParent (Medication)

refills (Int)

Number of refills originally prescribed

refillsUsed (Int)

number of refills used

sig (String)

Label/instructions for the administration of the medication

start (Date)

Date the medication's administration started

stop (Date)

Date the medication's administration should cease

updatedAt (NaiveDateTime)

vetsourced (Boolean)