Object » Order

An order is an itemized list of products and/or services to bill a client for


totalCouponDiscount  (Decimal)

invoiceReference  (String)

payLink  (String)

id  (ID)

estimate  (Estimate)

posted  (Boolean)

paymentDue  (Price)

DEPRECATED: Deprecated! Will be removed soon. Use 'total' - 'totalPaid' to calculate instead. 

isCredit  (Boolean)

if this order is representing a credited order item

insertedAt  (NaiveDateTime)

totalDiscounted  (Decimal)

totalTax  (Decimal)

items  ([OrderItem])

datetime  (DateTime)

note  (String)

isNotRendered  (Boolean)

if this order is representing a not rendered order item

status  (InvoiceStatus)

locationId  (ID)

payments  ([Payment])

totalMemberDiscount  (Decimal)

subtotal  (Decimal)

location  (Location)

discount  (Decimal)

totalNotRendered  (Decimal)

taxRate  (Decimal)

updatedAt  (NaiveDateTime)

statusChangeAt  (DateTime)

totalPaid  (Decimal)

discountType  (DiscountType)

total  (Price)

patients  ([Patient])

appliedCoupons  ([Coupon])

provider  (Provider)

invoiced  (Boolean)

isAccountCredit  (Boolean)

if this order is representing an account credit

coupon  (Coupon)

client  (Client)

invoicedAt  (DateTime)

flags  ([OrderFlag])

encounters  ([Encounter])