Object » Order

An order is an itemized list of products and/or services to bill a client for


appliedCoupons ([Coupon])

cityTaxCents (Int)

cityTaxRate (Decimal)

client (Client)

coownerBreakdown ([CoownerBreakdown])

countyTaxCents (Int)

countyTaxRate (Decimal)

coupon (Coupon)

datetime (DateTime)

discount (Decimal)

discountType (DiscountType)

encounters ([Encounter])

estimate (Estimate)

flags ([OrderFlag])

historicalId (String)

id (ID)

insertedAt (NaiveDateTime)

invoiceReference (String)

invoiced (Boolean)

invoicedAt (DateTime)

isAccountCredit (Boolean)

if this order is representing an account credit

isCredit (Boolean)

if this order is representing a credited order item

isNotRendered (Boolean)

if this order is representing a not rendered order item

itemDiscountWithOrderDiscountCents (Int)

itemDiscountWithoutOrderDiscountCents (Int)

items ([OrderItem])+

location (Location)

locationId (ID)

memberDiscountCents (Int)

note (String)

orderDiscountCents (Int)

otherTaxCents (Int)

otherTaxRate (Decimal)

patient (Patient)

patients ([Patient])

payLink (String)

paymentDue (Price)

DEPRECATED: Deprecated! Will be removed soon. Use 'total' - 'totalPaid' to calculate instead. 

paymentDueCents (Int)

payments ([Payment])

planDiscountCents (Int)

posted (Boolean)

provider (Provider)

stateTaxCents (Int)

stateTaxRate (Decimal)

status (InvoiceStatus)

statusChangeAt (DateTime)

subtotal (Decimal)

DEPRECATED: Please use `subtotalCents` 

subtotalCents (Int)

taxRate (Decimal)

DEPRECATED: This field is deprecated and will only ever return an order's `otherTaxRate`. Orders now have various tax rate fields you may want to read. Please update your queries to pull from `otherTaxRate`, `cityTaxRate`, `stateTaxRate`, and `countyTaxRate`.  

total (Price)

DEPRECATED: Please use `totalAfterTaxCents` 

totalAfterTaxCents (Int)

totalBeforeTaxCents (Int)

totalCouponDiscount (Decimal)

DEPRECATED: Please use `itemDiscountWithOrderDiscountCents` 

totalCreditedCents (Int)

totalDiscountCents (Int)

totalDiscounted (Decimal)

DEPRECATED: Please use `totalDiscountCents` 

totalMemberDiscount (Decimal)

DEPRECATED: Please use sum of `memberDiscountCents` and `planDiscountCents` 

totalNotRendered (Decimal)

DEPRECATED: Please use `totalNotRenderedCents` 

totalNotRenderedCents (Int)

totalPaid (Decimal)

totalTax (Decimal)

DEPRECATED: Please use `totalTaxCents` 

totalTaxCents (Int)

totalTaxRate (Decimal)

updatedAt (NaiveDateTime)

verbiage (String)