Object » Org

A top-level org


appointmentTypes  ([AppointmentType])

chargebeeAccountName  (String)

chargebeeApiToken  (String)

clientReferralSources  ()

clientTags  ([ClientTag])

customLocationAttributes  ([CustomLocationAttribute])

defaultEncounterType  (EncounterType)

defaultWeightUnit  (WeightUnit)

emailAttachmentIntegrations  ([EmailAttachmentIntegration])

emailTemplate  (EmailTemplate)

enableAutoconfirm  (Boolean)

enableChargebee  (Boolean)

enableDialpad  (Boolean)

enableRingCentral  (Boolean)

enableSquare  (Boolean)

enableStripe  (Boolean)

enableTimeTracking  (Boolean)

hasPref  (Boolean)

Does this org have a certain preference enabled? Returns true if so, false if otherwise.

id  (ID)

locations  ([Location])

locationsCount  (Int)

logoUri  (String)

name  (String)

onlineBookCheckin  (Boolean)

paymentSource  (PaymentSource)

prefValue  (String)

What is the value for a given preference for this org? Returns the set value, or `null` if the preference is not enabled

preferences  ()

productManufacturers  ([ProductManufacturer])

providers  ([Provider])

providersCount  (Int)

ringCentralAccessToken  (String)

ringCentralAccessTokenExpiresIn  (Int)

ringCentralClientId  (String)

ringCentralClientSecret  (String)

ringCentralRefreshTokenExpiresIn  (Int)

ringCentralUrl  (String)

rosTypes  ([String])

slug  (String)

squareAccessToken  (String)

squareClientId  (String)

stripeConnectToken  (String)

stripeDashboardUrl  (String)

stripeSetup  (Boolean)

timezone  (String)

useCustomEmailTemplate  (Boolean)

vitalsTemplate  ([VitalsTemplate])

yourvet  (Boolean)