Object » PendingInvoiceItem


datetime (DateTime)

discounted (Boolean)

dispenseFee (Decimal)

id (ID)

inPackage (Boolean)

insertedAt (NaiveDateTime)

isPackage (Boolean)

isTaxed (Boolean)

DEPRECATED: This field is deprecated and will only ever return an pending invoice item's `is_taxed_other`. PendingInvoiceItems now have various tax rate fields you may want to read. Please update your queries to pull from `isTaxedOther`, `isTaxedCity`, `isTaxedState`, and `isTaxedCounty`.  

isTaxedCity (Boolean)

isTaxedCounty (Boolean)

isTaxedOther (Boolean)

isTaxedState (Boolean)

lotNumber (String)

name (String)

package (ProductPackage)

patient (Patient)

priceIncluded (Boolean)

product (Product)

provider (Provider)

quantity (Decimal)

unitPrice (Decimal)