Object » Product

A product is a single line item of something tangible that the org can sell to the client and/or patient.


name  (String)

note  (String)

Private note attached to this product

buyingQuantity  (Int)

parentProduct  (Product)

defaultSig  (String)

productType  (ProductType)

inventoryBucket  (InventoryBucket)

id  (ID)

disabled  (Boolean)

code  (String)

Organization-defined product code

useDefault  (Boolean)

If the default markup should be used

linkedProducts  ([Product])

productCategories  ([ProductCategory])

minimumUnitPrice  (Decimal)

Minimum price the product should be sold at (overrides all other considerations if the calculated price is less than this value if set)

isEuthanasia  (Boolean)

fixed  (Boolean)

If the sale price should be calculated by the unit fixed price or by the markup percentage

productTypeId  (ID)

applicationType  (ProductApplicationType)

unitDurationDays  (String)

coerceIntegerQuantity  (Boolean)

units  (String)

unitPrice  (Decimal)

The calculated sale price of a unit of the product

isNonCompensated  (Boolean)

sellingQuantity  (Int)

locationMarkup  (Decimal)

orderItems  ([OrderItem])

alternativeName  (String)

fulfillmentSources  ([FulfillmentSource])

disabledLocations  ([Location])

url  (String)

inventoryLevels  ([InventoryLevel])

invoiceBlurb  (String)

minimumPrice  (Decimal)

unitFixedPrice  (Decimal)

If fixed is true, then the sale price will be fixed to this value

dispenseFee  (Decimal)

Dispense fee added to the product independent of units given

unitMarkupPercent  (Decimal)

Decimal representation [0-1] of the percentage that the product should be marked up to calculate sale price

updatedAt  (NaiveDateTime)

parentProductId  (ID)

inStock  (Decimal)

isNeuter  (Boolean)

insertedAt  (NaiveDateTime)

description  (String)

lotNumbers  ([String])

unitCost  (Decimal)

Cost of one unit of the product