Object » RootQueryType


org  (Org)

Lookup an org (defaults to viewer's)

totalPatients  (Int)

searchEmailAttachments  ([EmailAttachment])

patientSubscription  (PatientSubscription)

vitals  ([Vitals])

Historical vitals

reminders  ([Reminder])

countAppointmentProviders  ([ApptCountProviders])

Count the number of appointments in a range from start to end segmented into days, weeks, months, years.

purchaseOrders  ([PurchaseOrder])

revenueCenterBudgets  ([RevenueCenterBudget])

rdvms  ([Rdvm])

immunizationPdf  (String)

Get immunizations PDF

orderFlag  (OrderFlag)

encounterTypes  ([EncounterType])

processorPayments  ([ProcessorPayment])

inventoryAdjustments  ([InventoryAdjustment])

locationChatMessages  ([LocationChatMessage])

patientConsentForms  ([ClientConsent])

autoMessages  ([AutoMessage])

patient  (Patient)

boardingWards  ([BoardingWard])

boardRow  (BoardRow)

clientReferralSource  (ClientReferralSource)

productType  (ProductType)

products  ([Product])

triggers  ([Trigger])

task  (Task)

reservation  (Reservation)

payment  (Payment)

availableCages  ([BoardingCage])

bills  ([Bill])

orgLab  (OrgLab)

coupon  (Coupon)

client  (Client)

Lookup a specific client by id

conversations  ([Conversation])

activeBoardRows  ([BoardRow])

totalClients  (Int)

productPackages  ([ProductPackage])

productsCount  (Int)

searchPackages  ([ProductPackage])

payments  ([Payment])

productCategory  (ProductCategory)

clientTag  (ClientTag)

diagnostic  (Diagnostic)

patientSubscriptions  ([PatientSubscription])

encounterSummary  (String)

unreadConversations  ([Conversation])

estimateItems  ([EstimateItem])

ordersTotals  (OrdersTotals)

Returns a count of all orders based on a query.

unreadConversationsCount  (Int)

packs  ([Pack])

notifications  ([Notification])

clients  ([Client])

Get a list of clients at your org

treatments  ([Treatment])

providers  ([Provider])

productCategories  ([ProductCategory])

location  (Location)

Lookup a location by id (defaults to latest added)

provider  (Provider)

Lookup a specific provider by id

autoMessage  (AutoMessage)

vendors  ([Vendor])

order  (Order)

Gets an order by id

analytics  ([AnalyticsData])

overdueTasksCount  (Int)

estimatePdf  (String)

availableTimes  ([AvailableTimeSlot])

searchProductTypes  ([ProductType])

viewer  (Viewer)

Lookup the viewer

allergies  ([Allergy])

DEPRECATED: Only use 'allergies' when querying inside of 'patient'. Field will be removed soon. 

encounters  ([Encounter])

Search for encounters by patient id, org id, and status

clientsCount  (Int)

getInhouseDevices  ([LabDevice])

rdvm  (Rdvm)

labResults  ([LabResult])

reconciliationNotes  ([ReconciliationNote])

orderItemsTotals  (OrderItemsTotals)

unreadNotificationsCount  (Int)

macros  ([Macro])

providerRoles  ([ProviderRole])

creditMemos  ([CreditMemo])

immunizations  ([Immunization])

Get immunizations

preventionPlan  (PreventionPlan)

emailAttachmentIntegration  (EmailAttachmentIntegration)

encounter  (Encounter)

orderFlags  ([OrderFlag])

bookedDays  ([Date])

lapsingPatients  ([Patient])

searchInventoryBuckets  ([InventoryBucket])

clientReferralSources  ([ClientReferralSource])

patients  ([Patient])

Retrieve a list of all patients at your org

encountersUpdatedSince  ([Encounter])

Poll for a list of encounters updated since a specific datetime

customClientFields  ([CustomClientField])

Get all custom client fields at the viewer's org

countNewClients  ([DateCount])

Count new clients based on filters between a range and segment

boardCell  (BoardCell)

appointmentTypes  ([AppointmentType])

estimatesTotals  (EstimatesTotals)

productTypes  ([ProductType])

medication  (Medication)

orderItems  ([OrderItem])

coupons  ([Coupon])

invoicePdf  (String)

labOrders  ([LabOrder])

medicalRecordsSummary  (String)

reservationTypes  ([ReservationType])

revenueCenters  ([RevenueCenter])

searchDiagnoses  ([Diagnosis])

Search diagnoses by term

searchProductCategories  ([ProductCategory])

countViewerAppointments  ([DateCount])

Count the number of appointments by a certain provider id

product  (Product)

providerRole  (ProviderRole)

refundedOrderItems  ([OrderItem])

patientPlans  ([PatientPlan])

inCollections  (Boolean)

searchProducts  ([Product])

clientConsent  (ClientConsent)

searchAccounts  ([ClientResult])

Full-text search for clients or patients at a org

orgLabOrders  ([LabOrder])

patientLabel  (String)

searchRdvms  ([Rdvm])

immunization  (Immunization)

searchLocationTags  ([String])

patientDocument  (PatientDocument)

countAppointments  ([DateCount])

Count the number of appointments in a range from start to end segmented into days, weeks, months, years.

searchVendors  ([Vendor])

preventionPlans  ([PreventionPlan])

estimate  (Estimate)

trigger  (Trigger)

estimates  ([Estimate])

appointment  (Appointment)

fulfillmentSources  ([FulfillmentSource])

searchMacros  ([Macro])

macro  (Macro)

customPatientFields  ([CustomPatientField])

Get all custom patient fields at the viewer's org

paymentsTotals  (PaymentsTotals)

locationTags  ([LocationTag])

rabiesCertificate  (String)

boardGroups  ([BoardGroup])

labResult  (LabResult)

appointments  ([Appointment])

Get a list of appointments either by location id or provider id

medications  ([Medication])

Lookup a patient's medication by status

tasks  ([Task])

Query for a list of tasks

searchPrinters  ([PrintersField])

search for the printers associated with google cloud print

consentForm  (ConsentForm)

count  ([AnalyticsDataRow])

consentForms  ([ConsentForm])

conversation  (Conversation)

revenueCenter  (RevenueCenter)

reservations  ([Reservation])

locations  ([Location])

productPackage  (ProductPackage)

emailAttachmentIntegrations  ([EmailAttachmentIntegration])

fulfillmentSource  (FulfillmentSource)

taskCategories  ([TaskCategory])

labOrder  (LabOrder)

events  ([Event])

locationTag  (LocationTag)

creditMemosTotals  (CreditMemoTotals)

vendor  (Vendor)

orgLabResults  ([LabResult])

ccTerminals  ([String])

orgLabs  ([OrgLab])

purchaseOrder  (PurchaseOrder)

hasBalanceDue  (Boolean)

if the client has an open, due balance

immunizationsDue  ([Immunization])

diagnostics  ([Diagnostic])

treatment  (Treatment)

encounterType  (EncounterType)

orders  ([Order])

Lists all orders based on the query