Object » Task

A task to do assigned to a patient performed at a specific location


assignees ([Provider])

List of providers who are assigned to complete this task and will be backup

comments ([Comment])

completedBy (Provider)

creator (Provider)

Creator of the task if the task was created by a provider (null if computer-generated)

deleted (Boolean)

If the task has been deleted

departments ([Department])

description (String)

Description of the task

done (Boolean)

If the task has been done

dueDate (Date)

Due date for the task (will alert all assignees when it comes)

encounter (Encounter)

Linked encounter

id (ID)

insertedAt (NaiveDateTime)

location (Location)

patient (Patient)

priority (Int)

rdvm (Rdvm)

snoozeUntilDueDate (Boolean)

taskCategory (TaskCategory)

text (String)

Title of the task

updatedAt (NaiveDateTime)